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Name:A House/Stacy Community
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to [community profile] house_stacy on Dreamwidth. On livejournal, the original comm [ profile] house_stacy is only a click away. The Dreamwidth House/Stacy comm was created by [personal profile] shutterbug. Your friendly neighbourhood mod is [personal profile] zulu, who you can reach by PM.

A few rules to take note of:

1. This community is for the discussion and appreciation of House and Stacy; please keep all posts on topic. Posts that are not related to the House/Stacy dynamic will be deleted.

2. Everything that is on topic is welcome here - fics, art, icons, graphics, vids, discussion posts, etc.

3. Advertising is welcomed, only if it is explicitly related to House/Stacy. All spam and off-topic advertising will be removed by the moderator.

4. Attacking or flaming of any kind is not allowed. This involves attacking actors, characters and other pairings not related to House/Stacy. While everyone has their own opinions, there are respectable ways to go about voicing those opinions. Bashing of any kind, be that in a post to the community or in comments, will be deleted by the moderator. Repeated offenses of rudeness or bashing, especially if people have been given a warning by the moderator, will result in banning. Please contact a moderator if you are having difficulty with another member, or if there is a problematic thread that should be dealt with.

5. All fic, large art, and longer posts should be cut for length.

6. All fic and art should have appropriate headers. That means let the community know if you think you're going to squick or spoil them or if you're posting anything NSFW. The details are your responsibility. Please, think of the easily squicked! They think of you, and are kind of grossed out. Think of the spoiler-phobes! They think of you, and then wish the surprise hadn't been ruined.

7. A basic tag system is in place in the following format: genre:, rating:, wordcount:, topic:, and etc. If more tags are necessary, please let the mod know and it will be added.

8. All fic readers and art viewers should READ THE HEADERS. Caveat lector. Remember, the scroll bar and the backbutton exist for your protection. Use them!

9. All spoilery discussion posts should cut for spoilers. Spoilers are considered STILL SPOILERY for ONE WEEK after a new episode airs.

10. All fic and art posted here is considered publicly published. There is a possibility that concrit will be offered. Concrit != flames.

11. Lastly and most importantly, please be respectful to each other. We are all in this community because we love House/Wilson. However, bear in mind that people may love this pairing in different ways. Bear in mind, too, that people may also love other pairings as well. Treat others with respect for what they enjoy and you will undoubtedly be treated with respect in return.

Should you have any comments, questions or complaints, please direct them to the moderator, [personal profile] zulu, by PM.


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